Thursday, October 27, 2011

OriginalFake x Peanuts – “JOE KAWS” Snoopy Vinyl | Release Info


Okay boys and girls, “grease up” your fingers and Internet browsing aptitude. Artist KAWS website just announced release information in regards to the widely publicized “JOE KAWS” Snoopy Vinyl Figure. The beloved caricature by the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz and re-done in KAWS’ fashion, the figurine will the available for purchase on tomorrow when the clock reaches high noon. Similar to all other KAWS and OriginalFake offerings, availability will be absurdly limited so set your browser bookmark at the ready.

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Casio G-Shock x Astro Boy 60th Anniversary Edition


Created by “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka in 1952, Astro Boy was a Japanese comic book character who made his way into an animated television series in the early ’60s, eventually outstripping his popularity in Japan and achieving global name recognition. To celebrate the robot boy’s 60th birthday, Casio is releasing a commemorative limited edition G-Shock 56-00. Special features include Astro Boy’s flying silhouette in red when the watch is backlit, as well as a special 60th anniversary logo etched onto the metallic back case. Limited to just 1,000 units, the watch is available to pre-order for the Japanese market through Charamono, with delivery scheduled for late November. via: G-Street

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Patrick Swayze's 1979 PBR Ad, Like You've Never Seen It Before

Nike Air Max 90 VT Premium QS – Haystack


The Nike Vac-Tech collection rolls on with this pair of Nike air Max 90 VT Premium Quickstrikes. More specifically, these are from the Wheat Pack, and sport a wheat colorway constructed from suede. Black accents are seen on the laces and lining, while a white midsole and gum rubber outsole sit below. Find these now at NSW dealers including Shelta.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nike LeBron 9 “Miami Night”


Nike LeBron 9
Cool Grey/Vivid Grey-Black-Cherry
November 4th, 2011

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URSUS Bape Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

via SLAMXHYPE by James Oliver on 10/25/11

Tetsuya Nishiyama of WTAPS continues to have a positive effect on A Bathing Ape with the URSUS Bape initiative now in its sixth season. The URSUS Bape Fall/Winter 2011 Collection again embodies strong elements of the iconic label along with the distinctive design ethos of Nishiyama. Workwear, Americana, Punk are all facets of the aesthetic that defines the outcome with attention strong focused on the cut.

URSUS Bape Fall/Winter 2011 Collection is a post from: SLAMXHYPE

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Salvatore Piccolo x Monocle Dress Shirt

Monocle has been ramping up their collaborative efforts recently, with the latest result being this beautiful dress shirt made with Naples-based Salvatore Piccolo. The shirt is available in two limited edition fabric finishes: a cotton-canvas & a washed with thin blue striping to set it off. Available now at Shop Monocle.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Casio G-Shock – GB-6900 With Bluetooth 4.0 | Preview


As smart phones get smarter, so too do the quotidian gadgets we use on daily basis. The latest example, a Bluetooth 4.0-equipped Casio G-Shock watch. Fans of the G-Shock line will be pleased to note that the wireless technology has been applied to the existing 6900 model instead of a new, high-tech looking device. As for features, the watch will be able to automatically sync the time with one’s smart phone, which is typically auto-set by the carrier network. (This should come in handy while traveling.) Additionally, the timepiece will emit alarm or vibration signals as notification of incoming phone messages or emails, which can then be turned off with a simple tap. All this while maintaining a two-year battery life. The G-Shock GB6900 is scheduled to release in Japan around mid-December. via: G-Street

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Video: Kicks/Hi x Converse ‘Tiger Camo’ Shoe

<p><a href="">KICKS/HI x CONVERSE 'TIGER CAMO' CHUCK TAYLOR HI RELEASE</a> from <a href="">Sharks &amp; Rays</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

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Street Art Series

via Design You Trust - Design and Beyond! by Marco Gallo on 10/21/11

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feeldesain street art03 Street Art Series

feeldesain street art01 Street Art Series

feeldesain street art04 Street Art Series

feeldesain street art02 Street Art Series

An amazing selection of street art & graffiti post……


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Gifts from ANMLHSE!!


exTRA Butter got the coolest staff

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EVERY @KanyeWest Sample EVER!

Video: Jordan Brand Melo M8 Launch Event

Jordan Brand is the shit

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Air Jordan 3 Retro “Black Flip” New Images


Looks just like the BLACK HISTORY edition J's

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video: Designer Robbie Fuller Details the adidas adiZero Rose 2 – Part 1

Jack Coleman ‘Happy Beach’ Surf Film (Trailer)

Street Art in Buenos Aires

Hanon x Asics Gel Lyte III Wildcats


The collaboration is something that has managed to really catch on as of late within the sneaker world and just about all of the companies have started to truly realize the success that it can bring. The collaboration is a great example of the sum being greater than the equal of its parts, because when you bring the different brands together you end up being left with something that looks and feels really great, but the two brands individually might not have been able to pull it off without the help of the other one. Today we are going to be previewing the latest example of that happening, this is the new Hanon x Asics Gel Lyte III Wildcats.

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Visionaries: Tom Ford Documentary Trailer

EdSurge: Mapping The Edtech World, Flipped Classrooms, And More...

via Fast Company by EdSurge on 10/20/11

The latest stories from the bleeding edge of education thinking.

A few highlights from the recent issues of EdSurge, the edtech entrepreneur's weekly roadmap.

MAPPING THE WORLD Every pioneer needs a map and now the NewSchools Venture Fund has started to make one of the edtech world. 
With support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and contributions from edsurgent dudes Michael B. Horn and Anthony Kim, NSVF's Ted Mitchell and Kristina Ransick have pulled together a marvelous connect-the-dots portrait of the industry, cataloguing companies into four high level groups (such as curricula and instructional systems) and then into more specific areas (under curricula: tutoring, test prep, digital textbooks, etc). The project aims to give entrepreneurs and funders (nonprofit and for profit) a clearer view of the industry. The market map OF 230 companies was unveiled at a meeting of philanthropists in San Francisco. Click here to start your voyage through the edtech marketplace. 

The challenge, of course, is keeping it current. Other catalogues of the edtech world, such as StartL's Dealbook,  have languished. No word yet on how this one will be maintained. 

NOT TO BE FLIPPANT: We're fascinated by the rumbling debate on the "flipped classroom" model, where students watch lectures at home and do teacher-guided homework in school. Fans are exuberant. Skeptics raise the "digital divide" issue: we can't take for granted that everyone has the hardware and networking gear to stream videos. (That's led by Microsoft, Comcast, Best Buy, and others working with the FCC's Connect to Compete initiative to try to bridge the gap.) Then there are the critics: Education blogger Frank Noschese worries about the excessive marketing hype around Khan and warns against the rebirth of the "filmstrip teacher." Liz Dwyer from GOOD asks whether a video is more active or engaging than reading a textbook. Who's to say that students are paying attention--or just chattering away on Facebook? (This latest study from Rey Junco suggests this is where they spend on average 106 minutes a day.) Even earning "badges" for working through problem sets is tricky, as students using Khan Academy in Los Altos schools are learning.

What gets lost in this whole "flipping" debate (forgive the pun) is the fact that it's a tool. And just like you can't use a mallet as a screwdriver, one tool won't educate every student. (Personalization people!) Illinois teacher Brian Bennett emphatically reminds us "the flipped class is not about the videos".

EdSurge agrees: we'd like to hear more about how teachers are deploying video as part of a multi-faceted teaching strategy--even if they learn a few lessons along the way because it doesn't work as planned--rather than treating video lectures or the flipped classroom as the cure-all for our education woes.

BLENDED, NOT STIRRED So called "blended learning" continues to be the biggest buzzword in this industry. The term embraces many instances where schools fuse technology and traditional teaching. Exactly what does that mean? Industry consultants, Ed Elements, offer up this spiffy, eye-candy video explanation of the different flavors of "blended learning" that it has seen. These guys should know: they're the architects behind a number of pilot blended learning programs throughout the U.S.

THE GRADES ARE IN: Last week's 2011 Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform also rolled out the Nation's Digital Learning Report Card, grading states' digital learning programs on 10 criteria. The yet-to-be-released bill tracker feature looks promising for policy wonks.

UNPREPARED FOR CLASS: Clever advertising from edtech company, Knewton: an infographic about how unprepared many American students are for college (see below). Knewton knows a bit about prepping: the Manhattan-based privately-held edtech firm, which employs 70 people, makes test preparation programs that it reports are used by thousands of students at colleges and universities including Arizona State University, Penn State University, University of Nevada (Las Vegas), Mount St. Mary's and Washington State University.

It's prepping itself for a bigger role in education, too. Last week, Knewton announced it had raised a $33 million series D financing round from investors including Founders Fund, education publisher Pearson, as and previous investors, Accel, Bessemer and FirstMark.

Knewton got its start in the lucrative test-prep business and has been building an "adaptive" engine that presents learners with different types of problems depending on how they're doing. So far, it's operated in the post secondary space. But Knewton plans to use its newfound equity cash--along with the partnership with Pearson and, on the horizon, other significant publishers--to get into K-12. Schools hunting for "adaptive" language arts programs will likely welcome the move. Jose Ferreira, Knewton's blunt-speaking founder and CEO, tells EdSurge that Knewton will likely launch its K-12 programs in 2012. "You can only be competitive if you convince publishers to adopt you as a standard," Ferreira says.

EdSurge is a community watering hole and resource for those engaged in the emerging eco-system of education technology. Sign up for their weekly newsletter here.

[Image: Flickr user frankjuarez]

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunil Pawar ‘A Show Of Force!’ Exhibition

via SLAMXHYPE by James Oliver on 10/18/11

Sunil Pawar is a big favourite here in SLAMXHYPE and having previewed his latest exhibition ‘A Show Of Force!’, here is a look at the opening which was well received by a diverse crowd.

‘A Show Of Force!’ is a unique collaboration between artist, Sunil Pawar and the Stern Pissarro Gallery in St.James, London, to coincide with the Frieze Art fair.

Never before have entities from two diverse spectrums of the art world worked together so intrinsically,  Sunil, an artist known for reflecting the vibrant music and art scene of contemporary London, and Stern Pissarro, a gallery a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, specialising in the work of the seminal 18th century painter Camille Pissarro and his descendants, have come together to showcase this explosive exhibition.

For ‘A Show of Force’, Sunil creates a dynamic and powerful range of studies by exploring the parallels and similarities between DJ sound clashes and classic sporting pose with themes of battle and survival, the struggles and fights that we face on a daily basis. Sunil’s life experience of daily battles and survival is resonant throughout this body of work which provides a window into the artist’s challenges and struggle.

At the age of Nineteen, Sunil was diagnosed with epilepsy, two different strains in each side of his brain – to the amazement of his doctors, to this day he still succeeds in living a full and varied life.   This sense of overcoming adversity brings a heightened tenacity to these vivid portrayals of strength and power in his now trademarked unique pop art style. Sunil mixes spray paint and acrylics to create bold and brash imagery, as loud as the music that inspires him, Pawar’s work mixes abstract and graphical images and text with his distinctive style of composition.

Sunil Pawar ‘A Show Of Force!’ Exhibition is a post from: SLAMXHYPE

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