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Vans Core Fall 2012 Era Pro

Vans Core Fall 2012 Era Pro

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E dopo la Slip-On Pro, diamo oggi un’occhiata alle prossime versioni di un’altra icona Vans in versione Pro: la Era.

Quella che a tutti gli effetti √® la prima skate-shoe della storia viene riproposta nella linea Core della prossima stagione in cinque nuove combinazioni di materiali e colori, sempre con sistema DURACAP®  e soletta in schiuma come tutti i modelli performance di Vans. Degna di nota la versione “Bulgarian Camo”, con tomaia in canvas, interno in pelle e suola completamente bianca. Niente male anche le altre, tutte in suede/canavs o suede/cotton twill. Da Giugno, tra i migliori rivenditori Vans Core.

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    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Converse Jack Purcell | Get Jacked in Montauk

    I spent my Memorial Day weekend in Montauk courtesy of Converse at the Jack Purcell - "Get Jacked in Montauk" event held at  Ruschmeyer's and got to enjoy tunes from DJ Chelsea Leyland and saw the band Tanlines perform live while enjoying amazing food provided by The Fat Radish.

    Photos: William Yan

    Converse Jack Purcell Spring/Summer and Fall 2012 collections on display at Ruschmeyer's

    A closer look at the collection

    These camo Jack Purcell were my favorites, available in June

    Converse Jack Purcell x Whalebone Creative "Get Jacked in Montauk" collaboration t-shirt

    Jesse Joeckel of Whalebone Creative in his Montauk design studio

    Whalebone Creative crew hanging at the back of their shop

    DJ Chelsea Leyland

    Phil Winser and Ben Towill of The Fat Radish

    Event guest Cory Kennedy

    Event guest Harry Beee is wearing the newly released Undefeated for Converse Jack Purcell sneakers

    Event guests Brandon Babenzien and Estelle Frances

    Event guest Mandy Brooks

    Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm of Tanlines

    Event guest Jana Wirth

    Event guests

    Jack Purcell x Comme des Garcons Play sneakers spotted at the party

    Event guests Phillip Lim and Phil Winser of The Fat Radish

    Event guest chilling on the swing

    Locals Sean Kinney and Justin Dent

    Event guests Chelsea Leyland and Dree Hemingway

    LINK |

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    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII – “What The Kobe?”

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

    A continuation to the “What The…?” design theme, this yet-to-be launch Nike Zoom Kobe 7 really takes the description quite literally. When you come upon it first, its leaves you a gasp in astonishment since you simply don’t know what to make of it. There is poison tree frog inner lining, the paint splatter heel counter (at least on one of them), the cheetah/shark upper highlighted by purple or teal Flywire and a mixed bag of laces, accents and so on… The question is, can you pull it off wearing it on the street? Set for release later this year. via: Sneaker Freaker

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

    Nike Zoom Kobe VII   What The Kobe?

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    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

    Today we present Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand Patta‘s new lookbook for its upcoming summer 2012 collection. Staying true to its roots, the images showcase pieces that received more than their fair share of top fabrics, quality construction, and smooth design. Alongside Tee-shirts, pocket tees, long sleeve shirts, and tank tops, the collection is also packed with crewnecks, hoodies, denim button up shirts, coach jackets, and varsity jackets. The lookbook also showcases Patta’s latest chino pants and shorts – or, in other words – more than enough threads to get you through the summer in style. Included in with looks at Patta’s own Summer 2012 gear are previews of their forthcoming summer collaboration projects with Kangaroos on shoes and headwear with Ebbets Field. The collection will release first at Patta on June 1st followed by these official Patta retailers worldwide: Hanon, The Hideout, Concepts, Boylston Trading Company, Firmament, Juice, Avenue and Rest Tokyo on June 8. Check out the full lookbook after the click.

    Singel 459 | Map
    1012 WP Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Release Date: June 1st, 2012 (Friday)

    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

    Patta Summer 2012 Collection

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    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    Why Radio Plays Same 20 Songs: The Sad Truth Of Media Consolidation [INFOGRAPHIC]

    « Since You Can't Beat Apple, Join Them: Sony Music Unlimited Bows iOS Apps On Friday | Main | Slowbizz Shifts To Pinterest To Grow Global House Concert Network »

    Why Radio Plays Same 20 Songs: The Sad Truth Of Media Consolidation [INFOGRAPHIC]


    If you’ve ever tuned into terrestrial radio in your car, at home or at the office, then you’re well aware that commercial radio stations tend to play the same songs in rotation over and over again. Is it because these songs are so hot that people are just demanding stations play them? Hardly. The sad truth of the matter is that only six companies control 90% of the media: GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, and Time Warner (compared to 1983 when roughly 50 companies owned the media).

    Consolidation of media has lead to far less diversity in programming and ownership, with far fewer voices being heard. Media consolidation has heavily affected the balance and diversity of today's music on terrestrial radio. This is great news if you’re Drake, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga and the like, but not so great if you’re just about anybody else.

    The below infographic, first presented by Frugal Dad, displays exactly what the consolidation of our media looks like:

    Media Consolidation Infographic



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    Why Won’t Anyone Pay Me For My Music?

    May 23

    Why Won’t Anyone Pay Me For My Music?

    1. You’re not treating your music like a business.
    Plain and simple. If you can’t treat your music like it’s a business, you shouldn’t expect people to make business deals with you. You cant have a hobby mentality if you’re hoping to get paid for your time.

    2. You sound like everyone else.
    Why should XYZ University book you (or your band) when there are 5 others who are playing the same type of music and sound almost exactly the same?  Do you have something that sets you apart from the rest?  Is there something about your performance, your personality, your presence that can’t be replaced by anyone else?

    3. You’re selling yourself short.
    Play hard to get. Ask for what you’re worth. Sometimes you will have to pass on the opportunity because it does not value and support your art.  Right now artists are playing any and every type of show and shortchanging themselves to the point where businesses and establishments no longer feel the need to pay their musicians.

    4. You’re giving too much away for free.
    A free download is great….and so is a free CD…but, if anything, people need to become more accustomed to buying that mp3. Give your fans the opportunity to support you. Don’t give away everything.

    5. You’re in it for the wrong reason.
    If you’re making music because you want money or a platform, you’re in the wrong profession. Music-making requires a very thick skin and patience. Take a step back and ask yourself if you will still enjoy playing in 5 years if you never reach your ultimate goal.

    6. You’re not good.
    This could be a sad truth. Take some time to ask the people in your life what they really think. Prepre yourself for honest answers and  don’t look back.


    grassrootsy   |  Making Money   |  05 23rd, 2012    | 

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    Fool's Gold's Nick Catchdubs on The Goldmine, Indie Label's New Premium Digital Service (Q&A)

    Fool's Gold, the Brooklyn based indie electronic and hip-hop label, announced last week the launch of The Goldmine, a premium digital subscription service powered by  For a monthly subscription fee of $10, Fool's Gold fans will gain access to exclusive high quality 320 mp3/WAV downloads as well as selections from the label's back catalog, exclusive content, merch discounts, priority access to events and more.

    Created by the founders of the Ghostly International label, is a platform that connects content creators and fans. The platform  already has such labels such as Mad Decent, Stones Thrown and Dirty Bird using the service. caught up with Nick Catchdubs, co-founder of Fool's Gold Record, to discuss the Goldmine, what the Fool's Gold brand signifies, and how he manages to keep up with the ever-changing music business. What made you decide to get involved with Drip fm.?
    Nick Catchdubs:
    Well, on one hand it was the personal relationships we have with Sam [Valenti] and Miguel [Senquiz] at Ghostly International who developed These are guys we respect and they wouldn't send us something they weren't 100% confident and excited about.  On the other hand, using as a subscriber and seeing its value and user friendliness, we decided to do it.

    What led to your decision to launch this now?
    It seems to be a time where people are into the idea of a subscription service -- they're excited about it, they realize the value, which they might have not seen a year or two ago. Goldmine is one component of what we already do at our retail store in Brooklyn - the vinyl, the CDs, the consumer products, the clothes and fun merchandise. It's cool to have these things balancing each other out.

    Nick Catchdubs, above, Fool's Gold co-owner wants his brand to be like the "good housekeeping seal of approval for this generation."


    Why is the balance between physical and digital retail items?
    It's not about the item itself, at the end of the day it's about what it represents. You're making this cool little destination for fans to come in and not just buy stuff - although they are more than welcome to do that- but they are coming to our headquarters and seeing stuff like our Duck Sauce platinum records, an original Dust LaRock print or maybe running into an artist who popped into the office. All these things you can't get on iTunes.

    Could the experience that people have in the Fool's Gold store be paralleled on The Goldmine?

    You're not going to see A-Trak when you are buying an mp3. To us the store is as much about the experience of shopping here specifically with Fool's Gold, as it is about any of the individual items that we have for sale. But that's the challenge, that's the exciting part! How do we take that attitude and approach, which is based on fun and surprise, and apply it to a digital marketplace? Part of that is by offering things that you can't get anywhere else. When you sign up to you get a fresh from mastering Danny Brown remix by Brodinski.

    And That's Not All: A screen grab from the Fool's Gold Goldmine sign up page.

    Why did you decide on the Danny Brown Brodinski remix as the launch release?
    It's not an accident. Fool's Gold is a unique label in that we do electronic music and hip-hop and we do it in a way that's different from say Pitbull, who raps over dance music. Having Danny Brown, one of our premier artists, a sort of leading light in underground music, remixed by Brodinski, who as a dj and  producer is just as innovative in his own techno world -- it's a perfect pairing, and sums up Fool's Gold in a single mp3. Danny and Brodinski met for the first time in January on the Holy Ship cruise. We were partying together on a boat; it's a sort of friendship and connection that was really natural. To have a track like that is very telling, and sums up our attitude towards things in general and made it the ideal track to launch with." 

    Do you think this type of platform could work for other kinds of labels?
    The platform is designed to work for multiple labels and that's another thing that attracted us to it. You're part of a community that is already incorporating labels like Ghostly, Stones Throw, Mad Decent and Dirty Bird, and these are our peers. They share the same kind of ethics and approach that we do

    Is consumer loyalty a part of the Fool's Gold brand?
    Definitely, I want us to be the good housekeeping seal of approval for this generation. If you see the Fool's Gold logo on something you know what your in for -- even if you don't necessarily know what it's about, you know its going to be cool and interesting.

    It seems like people who sign up for The Goldmine may be the most dedicated fans
    Its not just good enough to make things anymore; it's really about having a relationship with your fans, identifying them and giving them things to be excited about. That's what I want as a fan of music; I work in this, I own things in this, I also produce art of my own, but at the end of the day I started out as a fan and I will always remain a fan. The artist who I follow and brands I follow, I want as much interesting and exclusive access from them as possible. That's the attitude we take.

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    O Music Awards Tips Nominees, Lineup: Flaming Lips vs. Jay-Z, Most Fucked Up Live Show & More

    Wayne Coyne shared some mildly incoherent thoughts referencing the Sex Pistols tour of the South, his clarification that he is not a host but rather commandeered the Magical Mystery Merry Prankster bus and his fondness for the "way Jerry Lewis would get all sweaty toward the end of his yearly telethon."

    Watching Wayne Coyne's descent, whether it's more Jerry Lewis or Jerry Lee Lewis, will no doubt be an ongoing series of visceral high points for livestream viewers as The Flaming Lips make their way from town to town by bus.

    My First Hardcore Song by 8 yr old Juliet

    By contrast, a series of web-centric awards will be announced along the way. Nominees include Yoko Ono for Must Follow Artist on Twitter, David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time for Too Much Ass for TV and Juliet's My First Hardcore Song for Most Adorable Viral Star. Yes, the highest highs and the lowest lows of music culture on the web will be honored at this 3rd edition of the O Music Awards.

    O Music Awards Nominees for June 27, 2012:

    1. Fan Army FTW (Winner: Artist)

    Description: Fan armies are like fan clubs of old – with Twitter. Dedicated to the band of their preference, they turn out in droves – digitally and physically – to support a band's every venture.

    Tokio Hotel "Aliens"
    Adam Lambert "Glamberts"
    One Direction "The Directioners"
    Thirty Seconds to Mars "Echelon
    Mindless Behavior "Team Mindless"
    The Wanted "TWFanmily"
    2NE1 "Blackjacks"
    Girls Generation (SNSD) "Sones"
    Taylor Swift "Taylor Nation"
    Mumford & Sons "Team Mumford and Sons"

    2. Must Follow Artist on Twitter (Winner: Artist)

    Description: Bands who are making 140-characters their bitch – without being management's bitch (IE, all tweets are their own – we think).

    Adam Lambert
    Titus Andronicus
    Yoko Ono
    Lil B
    St. Vincent
    The Antlers
    Childish Gambino
    Blake Shelton

    3. Most Adorable Viral Star (Winner: Viral Stars)

    Description: The web is full of children and animals doing musical things adorably. Let us celebrate them!

    William Stokkebroe
    "My First Hardcore Song" by Juliet
    Howard Wong
    "Super Bass" by Sophia Grace Brownlee
    "Someone Like You" by Makena
    "Bone Pugz"
    "The Elements Song" by Rose
    Children Medieval Band covers Rammstein's "Sonne":
    "I'm Elmo and I Know It" by Elmo
    Ethan Walmark covers "Piano Man"

    4. Digital Genius Award (Winner: Artist)

    Description: These musicians go above and beyond when it comes to their art. We're not just talking about people who use Twitter and dabble in digital music here – each and every one is an innovator, early adopter and deeply immersed in the music/tech scene. More importantly, they do it on their own, not at the behest of labels or managers.

    OK Go
    The Flaming Lips
    Amanda Palmer

    5. Most Innovative Music Video (Winner: Artist)

    Description: When we say "Innovative," we don't mean "well-directed" or "cool" – we mean folks who tapped into technology to create a new form of art: from choose-you-own-adventure masterpieces to 3D flicks to Kickstarter-funded opuses.

    Tanlines "Brothers"
    Chairlift "Have We Met Before"
    Chris Bathgate "Big Ghost"
    We The Kings "Say You Like Me"
    Ellie Goulding "Lights"
    Red Hot Chili Peppers "Look Around"
    Arcade Fire "Sprawl II"
    Craig Wedren "Crush You"
    Jacob Krupnick's "Girl Walk"
    Javelin "Canyon Candy"

    6. Best Web-Born Artist (Winner: Artist)

    Description: These artists did not hit the big-time because they immediately scored a record deal or got "discovered" playing live. No, each and every one broke out because they used the web to get ahead – from Kickstarter-funded albums to songs that blew up on blogs to bands who met via email.

    Julia Nunes
    Walk Off The Earth
    Youth Lagoon
    Miracles of Modern Science
    Azealia Banks
    Iggy Azalea
    Frank Ocean

    7. Hottest Music NILF (Nerd I'd Like to F*ck) (Winner: NILF)

    Description: Hot coders, entrepreneurs, writers, etc who work in music and tech.

    Michael Schneider, CEO of Mobile Roadie
    Matthew Rosenberg, Co-founder of Fast Society
    Jenna Wortham, Tech Reporter, New York Times
    Peggy Wang, Writer Buzzfeed, Member of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    Eliot Van Buskirk, Editor, EvolverFM
    Ashley Simon, Media Partnerships at Foursquare
    Sean Parker, co-founder Napster and other ventures
    Maggie Vail, Co-founder of CASH Music
    Contessa Gayles, Associate Editor, AOL Music
    Tatiana Simonian, Head of Music, Twitter

    8. Too Much Ass for TV (Winner: Artist)

    Description: NSFW music videos.

    "Nancy From Now On" by Father John Misty
    "Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce
    "Andrew In Drag" by Magnetic Fields
    "Wassap" by A$AP Rocky
    "On'n'On" by Justice
    "Hey Jane" by Spiritualized
    "Crazy Clown Time" by David Lynch
    "Booty Battle" video game by Big Freedia
    "Sex on the Regular" by Miniature Tigers
    "Starship" by Nicki Minaj

    9. WTF I Love This Award (Winner: Creator)

    Description: Memes, random things, Internet weirdness that has to do with music. Rad.

    Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox Theme on a Flute
    Beyonce fan sings "Halo"   
    Bear In Heaven "I Love You It's Cool"

    10. Best Artist/ Digital Entrereneur (Winner: Artist)

    Description: This category honors bands and musicians who have entered into the music tech scene as creators and innovators, backing and inventing new products and services in the digital sphere.

    Katy Goodman for "choose your own adventure" games
    Wavves for "Weed Demon"
    M.C. Hammer for search engine Wiredoo
    Nicolas Jaar forClown & Music Aesthetics
    Kanye West for DONDA

    11. Best Vintage Revival (Winner: Tech/Founder)

    Description: Every year, we see old technology and trends coming back and working themselves into pop culture. In this category, we honor those trends that are making a comeback in the music world.

    Flexi discs
    Animated GIFS

    12. Beyond the Blog Award (Winner: Organization)

    Description: The Beyond The Blog Award is honoring unconventional ways of editorializing music from radio to traditional magazines to using Twitter.

    NPR for iPad App
    La Blogotheque
    Metal Injection
    Minor Thread

    13. Best Online Concert Experience (Winner: Festival Organization)

    Description: Watching concerts online is an increasingly popular trend nowadays. This category honors people and technology that are enhancing that experience.

    Jay-Z at SXSW
    Ryan Montbleau real time audio streams
    Denison Witmer on Skype
    2Pac at Coachella via hologram
    Coachella  on  YouTube

    14. Best Music App (Winner: App Developer)

    Description: Honoring apps and services that are doing awesome things with music and musicians.

    Spotify iPad App
    Artist Growth
    Live Nation Facebook App

    15. Best Music Hack (Winner: Hacker/Developer)

    Description: Anything and everything that was created during a Music Hack Day or any other hacking event.
    Song Roulette
    Bohemian Rhapsichord
    Mixtape Alpha

    16. Best Artist with a Cameraphone (Winner: Artist)

    Description: Musicians who take wonderful snaps with their mobile phones and then share them with us normal folks.

    Ed Droste
    Soulja Boy
    MC Hammer
    Blood Orange
    Justin Bieber
    Greg Puciato
    Theophilus London
    Selena Gomez

    17. Most Addictive Social Music Service (Winner: Service)

    Description: Here we honor any mobile or web services that make listening to music a social experience.

    Myxer Social Radio
    Soundrop app for Spotify
    This Is My Jam

    18. Best Protest Song (Winner: Artist/singer)

    Description: There has been a lot to get up in arms about this year. Luckily, people have the  Web – and services like YouTube – as an outlet.

    Robert Wilkinson sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
    Dan Bull "SOPA Cabana"
    Atari Teenage Riot "Black Flags"
    "The Day The LOLCATS Died"
    "We Are Trayvon" by Plies

    19. Beyond: The DJ: Most Innovative Solo Performer (Winner: Artist)

    Description: Modern technology - both hardware and software — has birthed a band-new breed of musicians: Intrepid solo performers who both sample and blend the music of others into wholly new creations, and utilize programs and tools to create full, breathtaking songs without the aid of a band or other musicians. Like Djs, these musicians often take the stage solo, surrounded by sound boards and decked out in headphones, but instead of just spinning and mixing the tunes of others, they're creating original compositions that stand on their own.

    Dan Deacon
    Reggie Watts
    Girl Talk

    20. Most Extreme Fan Outreach (Winner: Artist)

    Description: The gap between artist and fan is getting smaller and smaller with the rise of social media. These artists got even closer to their followers using digital tools – perhaps too close.

    Bon Jovi
    Dustin Wong:
    Manchester Orchestra
    Portugal. The Man
    Snoop Dogg
    Taylor Swift
    Wayne Coyne
    Riot In Paris
    DJ Shadow

    21. Most Fucked-up Live Performance Gone Viral (Winner: Artist)

    Description: In the past, if you botched a performance the masses would point, laugh and subsequently forget about it a few weeks later. Now, those FAILs are archived for future generations to mock on the World Wide Web.

    The Fray
    Kelvin Cheung
    Lana Del Rey
    Winters Mistress

    22. Most Intense Social Spat (Winner: Both Artists)

    Description: Thanks to the Web, users can teach themselves anything from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some of our favorite at-home teaching tools.

    Fucked Up vs. Katy Perry
    Patrick Carney vs. Everyone
    David Furnish vs. Madonna
    Frances Cobain vs. Courtney Love
    Nicki Minaj vs. Her Twitter Followers

    23. Best Music Teacher Replacement (Winner: Founder)

    Description: Thanks to the Web, users can teach themselves anything from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some of our favorite at-home teaching tools.

    Tabber Guitar
    James Taylor
    Guitar TV
    Pandora Inside The Music

    24. O Music Awards Super Fan Award (Winner: Super Fan)

    Hypebot Features Writer Clyde Smith blogs about business at Flux Research: Business Changes and about dance at All World Dance: News. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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    “No Church in the Wild” Featured in The Great Gatsby Film Trailer

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg – Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Segabo by Ronnie Fieg - Spring/Summer 2012

    Not a stranger to collaborations, the two labels are back at it once again as Sebago works with Ronnie Fieg for another range of footwear for Spring/Summer 2012. Presented, are classic boat shoes and boots with new materials. The shoes feature two new colorways of the Mohican style as well as two new models for women.

    The shoes are available now at and at Kith NYC stores.



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