Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Agenda Diary: Day 2.2

Agenda Diary: Day 2.2

Tuesday, January 11th 13:27 PM , ,


We told you orange soles are everywhere!

But that’s not to take away from the awesome plimsoll offerings


I might not wear it. You might not wear it. But I’m kinda into it.


The owner doesn’t want you to see all the cards up his sleeve, so we just took a couple snaps, but things are looking pretty Rad for Radii (see what i did there?)

These boots are sweet! Laces AND side zips. Spoilt for choice. I want them in grey, and all black…and cognac…and black canvas.

Patent. Wingtip. Sneakers. I’m down with all three of those things.

Boots for more serious high-top heads. The leather on these was almost edible, with smooth wooden soles and quilted backstay. Very nice.


Didn’t get any shots of the clothes cos I didn’t quite manage to get passed this little gem. All good though!

For the third and final episode in the Day 2 saga, click HERE.

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