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On Princeton, Phonte, Nashville & Chicken Wings

On Princeton, Phonte, Nashville & Chicken Wings

Events    By Gotty™ on March 25, 2011 at 10:26 am

Events, Everything Else, GENERAL, SMOKE BREAK — By Gotty™ on March 25, 2011 at 10:26 am

Tomorrow, I’ll be boarding a super-early flight en route to Princeton, NJ for the “Hip-Hop 2.0″ event and now my literary OG Maurice Garland will be joining me as well. Lucky dog, he does actually appear on the same panel topic alongside Dr. Cornel West but that’s gravy since it means I’ll get to hear two very smart brothers speak.

On Wednesday, word came that Phonte and Nicolay, The Foreign Exchange duo, will be in town for Red Bull Music Academy Session on Saturday 2-5pm. The session is free and will take place at the Listening Room this Saturday, March 26 from 2-5 p.m. There will be a song-writing breakout with Phonte and a more technical breakout focused on an Ableton demo with Nicolay.

If you’ve been here at TSS long enough, you may be aware that Phonte and I go all the way back to the beginning with him being one of the early three artists to grant us an interview and him always supporting us since. He shot me a message this morning, saying “Gonna be in your neck of the woods this weekend, bruh. Shout me if you wanna link. Trynna eat some Nuttin But Wings….lol.”

Since I won’t be here, I issue a challenge to my fellow Nash-villains. First, go to the Session and support. If you’re up to it, bring a box of wings with you and take a photo with Phonte and the wings. Twitpic that sh*t, Facebook it or email it to me. I’ll pay for the wings. Just make sure my brother feels a warm welcome when he comes to town!

Below, additional info and times regarding “Hip-Hop 2.0: The Price Of A New Era.” There’s a full day of events, beginning at 3pm. Visit for full more details.

Digital Underground (6:30 PM)

“As record labels struggle to adapt to 21st century methods of promoting artists, many artists are embracing an independent approach to releasing their art. What happens when anyone can critique and contribute to the culture? This conversation might concern 360 deals, mixtapes, and the conflict between labels and rap blogs.”

John Gotty – blogger/journalist; creator of TheSmokingSection

Bias – independent rapper, member of the Atlanta hip hop collective Far Out

Jenn X Nkiru – upcoming British independent DJ, has dj’ed for the Grammy’s and other notable US events

Ise Lyfe – Def Poet, public speaker, community activist

Dr. Celestine Chukumba – Ph.D. Economist, New Media Analyst/Econometrician, Web Analytics Expert, Search/Social Engine Marketing-Internet Consultant. Musician-DJ

Selling Dreams (7:30) (which will segue into a broader communal conversation which will conclude the speaking portion of the day’s events)

“We know rappers aren’t as wealthy as they claim to be. Unless you’re Jay-Z, claims of big ballin can be viewed as aspirational from one perspective and lies from another. What do our panelists think about authenticity in mainstream rap today? How do these high lifestyle claims effect the art in this economy? Why is the mainstream so reluctant
to embrace alternative subject matter and realism?”

Christopher Rabb – web consultant, social commentator, public speaker

Lynn Richardson – author, Financial Expert, WEEN member

Maurice Garland – Southern Hip Hop journalist and blogger, editor of Ozone magazine, contributor to XXL, Vibe, The Source, MTV, VH1 and more

Cornel West

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