Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hublot MP-02 “Key of Time” Watch

Hublot introduces its new MP-02 “Key of Time” timepiece, the second release from the Swiss watchmaker’s Masterpiece Collection. A bit more conceptual in its design philosophy, the MP-02 “Key of Time” offers time-measuring modulations in three different settings: Position 1 – If you want to savor every second of the passing of time you can slow down the speed of the watch hands, dividing time by 4, whereby 1 conventional hour is represented as quarter of an hour on the MP-02 Key of Time display, Position 2 – If you want “real” time select normal hand speed, to retain “standard” time, whereby one conventional hour equates to one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time, and Position 3 – If you want time to pass quicker you can accelerate the hand speed, multiplying time by four, whereby a conventional quarter of an hour is represented as one hour on the MP-02 Key of Time display. Only 50 units will be produced, each numbered from 01/50 to 50/50.

Source: Watch Happening

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