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VoyR Presents: Watch The Throne Tour Behind The Scenes [All Episodes]

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We’re sure that you’ve been seeing various behind-the-scene Watch The Throne tour videos presented by VoyR scattered across the internet over the past couple of months or so, as they’ve followed the Jay & ‘Ye on their historic Watch The Throne tour. The series is actually more about ‘Ye than the duo, they just happen to be on tour together. VoyR states, “VoyR is an interactive entertainment experience to engage with our favorite artists, powering the WTT tour with Kanye West & Jay-Z.” Additionally, “VoyR will evolve ‘the fan’ from a spectator to an insider within the world of some of the greatest icons on the planet”. The entertainment platform has already been deemed “the next MTV” for giving fans unprecedented access. So rather than searching far and wide to catch the episodes, we’ve decided just to put them all here. Look no further, here are ALL the behind the scenes episodes thus far presented by VoyR (hopefully they’re in the correct order). Enjoy!

[Episode 1] “World Leaders”

In this episode, Yeezy offers a look backstage at the Madison Square Garden tour stop with appearances by Raekwon “The Chef”, Jay-Z, Angie Martinez and more while running a commentary about his pursuit for “awesomeness”.

[Episode 2] “The Chi”

In this second installment, VoyR focuses on their Chicago stop where Yeezy took Jay-Z to his neighborhood at the 77th Street/South Shore area in his hometown.

[Episode 3] “Permanent”

I’m sure fans of this site will be particularly fond of this episode. In this episode, VoyR takes viewers backstage during the WTT tour’s first show in our city of Atlanta with ‘Ye’s creative director Virgil Abloh.

[Episode 4] “Just Don”

AGS fans will also be particularly fond of this episode as VoyR takes us backstage in our city of Atlanta again, this time with Ye’s manager Don C who sports the SUPER heavy Chicago accent.

[Episode 5] “Just Kids From Chicago”

Episode 5 introduces some of Ye’s closest confidants, those who help him succeed daily. This installment gives us a pretty good glimpse of the often overlooked work that goes into a tour to bring us the product we see presented to us. This episode is narrated by Kanye’s creative director Virgil Abloh. ***YEEZY 2 ALERT!!!***

[Episode 6] “Church”

In the sixth installment entitled “Church”, Big Sean speaks on his and Yeezy’s relationship along with appearances from Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Mannie Fresh, John, Legend, and Hit Boy. This episode is narrated by Ye himself.

[Episode 7] “Giveaway”

Episode 7 follows Ye’s manager Don C. as he honors the lucky winner of tickets to the show.

[Episode 8] “Recap”

In this episode, VoyR speaks of the successes attained from the tour & this VoyR Project. It highlights the intertwining of social media with entertainment through “content, context and advocacy”, with the synthesis of artist, brand (in this case, partnership with Jeep) and fan through technology. This episode breakdowns various impressive statistics the record-breaking tour conjured up both online and throughout the 25 dates across North America.

[Episode 9] “Journey To The Throne”

Here we follow five essay winners from Vegas to LA, as they embark on their concert experience and what it meant to them. The five winners were selected from a pool of 2,000 people, and were awarded the chance to tour with Kanye West. How dope is that?!





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