Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a Leap


Good Morning Friends,

As you all know, this LEAP day, February 29th, only happens every four years.   For those that are born on this day, they have to wait four years to celebrate their "born day."  But what YOU (yes you) do not have to wait to celebrate is taking a LEAP to give birth to something that you are passionate about.  As I think about the last five years, since we started the Marcus Graham Project and reflect on what has been the key to our growth, it is that LEAP of faith and sacrifice of replacing a job with work.  Your job is the thing that you do every day to pay the bills, but your WORK is what you were created to do.  It may take a little while to learn your purpose andr move into it.  It may take a little while longer before it "pays off", but don't allow yourself to get in your own way by not taking a LEAP of faith. 

Five years ago we envisioned a program to foster mentorship and to create a network of young leaders in the advertising, media and marketing industries.   It was named after the character that Eddie Murphy played in the film Boomerang, Marcus Graham.  We thought it would be nice to interact with the filmmakers and celebrate the film, while pushing forward to continue to inspire individuals to join our industry, just as the film Boomerang did for many in the 90's.  This past weekend during the Oscars in Los Angeles, we were able to participate in UPTOWN Magaine's celebration of the film's 20th Anniversary honoring the filmmakers Reginald and Warrington Hudlin.  Please check out the photos and video of the amazing event by clicking the following here:

As we entered the venue, I was quickly reminded that this year, the sacrifice that we have put into purpose and passion will come to fruition.  Everything that we have worked towards, with limited resources, hastruly start coming manifesting itself.  But it started with a LEAP! 

I challenge you all to take your own LEAP.  Whatever it is that you have been thinking about starting, whether at your job, in your home or in your personal life, LEAP.  If it is writing a book, LEAP to a pen.  If it is moving to a new city, LEAP to the nearest airport.  If it is quitting your job to pursue your WORK, LEAP!  Don't wait another day to make the move that you know that you should make.  I bid you patience, focus and faith as you LEAP!  You will need it, especially if what you are moving towards is something bigger than yourself. Thank you to all of you that have supported our vision of creating change in our inudstry and building a new generation of thought leaders. 


Lincoln Stephens
Executive Director
Marcus Graham Project


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