Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Won’t Anyone Pay Me For My Music?

May 23

Why Won’t Anyone Pay Me For My Music?

1. You’re not treating your music like a business.
Plain and simple. If you can’t treat your music like it’s a business, you shouldn’t expect people to make business deals with you. You cant have a hobby mentality if you’re hoping to get paid for your time.

2. You sound like everyone else.
Why should XYZ University book you (or your band) when there are 5 others who are playing the same type of music and sound almost exactly the same?  Do you have something that sets you apart from the rest?  Is there something about your performance, your personality, your presence that can’t be replaced by anyone else?

3. You’re selling yourself short.
Play hard to get. Ask for what you’re worth. Sometimes you will have to pass on the opportunity because it does not value and support your art.  Right now artists are playing any and every type of show and shortchanging themselves to the point where businesses and establishments no longer feel the need to pay their musicians.

4. You’re giving too much away for free.
A free download is great….and so is a free CD…but, if anything, people need to become more accustomed to buying that mp3. Give your fans the opportunity to support you. Don’t give away everything.

5. You’re in it for the wrong reason.
If you’re making music because you want money or a platform, you’re in the wrong profession. Music-making requires a very thick skin and patience. Take a step back and ask yourself if you will still enjoy playing in 5 years if you never reach your ultimate goal.

6. You’re not good.
This could be a sad truth. Take some time to ask the people in your life what they really think. Prepre yourself for honest answers and  don’t look back.


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