Friday, February 22, 2013

@KicksOnFire partners with @Kixify, forming global sneaker marketplace


Kicks on Fire is proud to announce that we have partnered up with, a brand new shopping experience for sneakerheads.  While there are many options out there for sneakerheads to sell their kicks, the barrier to entry can be intimidating. Kixify aims to streamline this process by handing over the controls to its users with minimal interference.  The success of Kixify is directly tied to its users, so the goal is give them the tools needed to be successful.



Literally within minutes of creating an account, Kixify users are able create a storefront they can call their own.  Instead of putting up your kicks for sale with a consignment shop where it might get lost in the shuffle or at an auction site where every pair looks the same to the not-so-discerning eye, Kixify store owners (see how cool that sounds?) are able to give each of their kicks the personalized touch that they deserve.


This is what a product page at Kixify looks like.  Doesn’t that look a whole lot cleaner and easier to navigate than an auction at that place shall not be named?  In seconds, interested buyers are able to view the hi-res pictures that the seller uploaded, read the description of the kicks and see if the seller has the size that they need.  If they are so inclined, they can even contact the seller and add them to their favorite stores for future reference.


And Kixify wants you to know that kicks come in all shapes and sizes and brands.  Thanks to all of the entrepreneurial sneakerheads out there who have already joined Kixify, kicks are being added every day that are not just limited to the most popular and latest.  The goal of Kixify is to become a true global marketplace for sneakerheads.  Sure beats trying to ask us on Twitter to retweet the kicks you’re trying to sell, doesn’t it? Check out how you can add a listing in seconds:

It’s one thing for us to talk about the benefits of Kixify; we want you to check it out yourself.  Head over to now and see how easy it is to turn your storage room full of kicks into a business opportunity.

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