Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saucony Elite: Shadow 5000 by Bodega @ExtraBUTTER

We welcome these three new sneakers as part of Saucony’s new Elite division! Saucony Elite is a specialty line primarily designed by the Boston boutique Bodega, with a focus on more limited edition and special releases. Bodega has a long list of collaborations under their belt, but these releases don’t qualify as just a standard collaboration: for the Elite collection Saucony reached out to Bodega for their design instruction, allowing Bodega to apply their own aesthetic upon an emerging new project.

As usual, Bodega doesn’t disappoint; this time around the model of choice is the Shadow 5000. For a color scheme, the shoe takes a classic color blocking combo. As for the Blue/Gray and Green/Gray (more of a teal) selection, the color explores the construction of the silhouette, with a consistent gray toebox meeting the rest of the color-dominant upper. With the red colorway, the upper remains completely tonal with the saturated hue applied over every panel. A cream midsole is assigned to each, adding character and complimenting the deep gold gum-like outsole. To finish it off, a new tongue tag is issued with a wings logo, alluding to Bodega’s previous wing design. This little detail might have been overlooked but is different than those sample images floating around before the release.







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