Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{ART} A Funny Glance at Famous Faces

Famous people have always been popular objects for being illustrated on friendly and harmless (though not always) caricatures. Basically, the term of caricature refers to a type of a portrait, where some specific physiognomic features of a particular real and often well-known person are exaggerated to a level, when such illustrations turn into funny and entertaining visual works. Most often, caricature is used for purely entertaining purpose; however, the use of caricature illustrations in political competitions is also not rare, where they often turn into a sharp and biting satire.

President Obama, tough Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, cute Tom Hanks and startling Quentin Tarantino – these people and many other celebrities are featured in the collection of professional caricature illustrations we have gathered around the web exclusively for cruziners. This is not only a showcase, demonstrating the modern state of caricature art – it is also a source of a good mood, healthy humor and, maybe, inspiration for creating your own caricatures.

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