Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Air Max 1 – Atomic Green, Dynamic Blue, Mandarin

Jun 20

Air Max 1 – Atomic Green, Dynamic Blue, Mandarin

“And hope one of his people’s can hook him up with a tri-pack….that’s 3 different flavors”…Bonus points and high 5′s to anyone that knows the quote. Don’t google.

3 new Air Max 1′s so bright they would cause squints to people wearing sunglasses at night. The brightness is welcomed for this summer for sure (especially with some other goodies we have in the pipeline), and the Atomic Green, Dynamic Blue, and Mandarin orange all sit atop the classic Air Max 1 silhouette on a mixed upper of synthetic material and ripstop nylon. There’s nothing else to say about these…they’re too fresh and speak quite loudly for themselves…

For more info feel free to reach us at: #516-632-5150 /


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