Friday, June 8, 2012

strawberries and cream biscuits

strawberry and cream biscuits

Did you go strawberry picking last weekend? Did you haul home too many and they are disintegrating faster than you are able to can, preserve, or pluck them individually into your mouth? Do you have strawberry-stained fingers and toddlers? Boy, do I have a treat for you.

hello, strawberries! you were missed.

drying the strawberries

It’s like a strawberry shortcake, stuffed inside a single cake. No wait, it’s a strawberry and cream scone, with overripe strawberries that melt, their juices trickling free of their 2-by-1 confines, as they bake. It’s a mistake, a terrible, terrible mistake, this stuffing of fresh, unstructured berries inside a structured baked good; it might make a red puddled mess around each, like sweet, innocent biscuits got lost on the set of a trashy vampire movie. That can’t be right, can it? Shouldn’t a scone be a tidier thing?


overripe berries

stirring in the cream

strawberry-specked dough

I thought long and hard about this when I made these what I confess to be a year ago. A whole year I’ve known you could do this — make a happy mess with berries and cream, all in the name of breakfast — and I didn’t tell you. I was just fiddling around. I didn’t think anyone would actually care about such a

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