Monday, February 7, 2011

Carhartt Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Carhartt continue to hold a stronghold on the market, with a concept based on the original philosophy of the work wear label combined with a purpose for the present. Carhartt Spring/Summer 2011 Collection showcases further progression with a number of items impressive with a minimal approach featuring great materials and construction.

Men - Page 1-lookbook_01-140600

Men - Page 2-lookbook_02-140605

Men - Page 3-lookbook_03-140610

Men - Page 4-lookbook_04-140615

Men - Page 5-lookbook_05-140620

Men - Page 6-lookbook_06-140625

Men - Page 7-lookbook_07-140630

Men - Page 8-lookbook_08-140635

Men - Page 9-lookbook_09-140640

Men - Page 10-lookbook_10-140645

Men - Page 11-lookbook_11-140650

Men - Page 12-lookbook_12-140655

Men - Page 13-lookbook_13-140660

Men - Page 14-lookbook_14-140665

Men - Page 15-lookbook_15-140670

Men - Page 16-lookbook_16-140675

Men - Page 17-lookbook_17-140680

Men - Page 18-lookbook_18-140685

Men - Page 19-lookbook_19-140690

Men - Page 20-lookbook_20-140695

Men - Page 21-lookbook_21-140700

Men - Page 22-lookbook_22-140705

Men - Page 23-lookbook_23-140715

Men - Page 24-lookbook_24-140720

Men - Page 25-lookbook_25-140725

Men - Page 26-lookbook_26-140730

Men - Page 27-lookbook_27-140735

Men - Page 28-lookbook_28-140740

Men - Page 29-lookbook_29-140745

Men - Page 30-lookbook_30-140750

Men - Page 31-lookbook_31-140755

Men - Page 32-lookbook_32-140760

Men - Page 33-lookbook_33-140765

Men - Page 34-lookbook_34-140770

Men - Page 35-lookbook_35-140775

Men - Page 36-lookbook_36-140780

Men - Page 37-lookbook_37-140785

Men - Page 38-lookbook_38-140790

Men - Page 39-lookbook_39-140795

Men - Page 40-lookbook_40-140800

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