Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living on Cloud Nine just got real with the artistic Indian condo with a hanging cloud

Mukesh Ambani’s 27-floor personal home “Antilia” in South Mumbai has highlighted the new-age architectural aesthetics of Indian real estate space. Another landmark in India’s real estate landscape is “Atmosphere,” a 550-crore luxury residential condominium project planned for Kolkata, India by Forum Group. The twin tower project is interconnected; hanging between them is “Deya,” (means cloud in Bengali) an iconic piece of public art, at a height of 500 feet, designed by the Singapore based Arc Studio. The magnificent hanging sculpture is intended to look like as if a cloud was gently floating between the peaks of the two towers.

The structure will span more than 320 feet in width, 55,000 square feet in usable space and will have a silver lining featuring 15,000 kinetic discs on its surface to keep it glowing. The estimated cost of Deya alone is INR 100 crores.

“A cloud has no particular form or character. When one is driving around the city, or looking at Deya from different parts of the city, its form will seem to be changing constantly. Similarly, as the sun moves in the sky, Deya will look different in its form, appearing sometimes solid, sometimes translucent and sometimes even a notion of being fluid,” said Mr. Saraf.

Deya will also be one of the most expensive clubs in India, and will feature multiple swimming pools, a gym, a spa, squash courts and a badminton court, a jogging track, a mini cinema theater, open-air party deck, an amphitheater, and multiple lounges and spaces for smaller gatherings. And all that is meant for the exclusive use of the 80 families that will reside in the Atmosphere.
The luxury design of this artistic residential sculpture also conforms to the green architectural standards. The Forum Group has provided for the rainwater to be harvested in collection tanks within the foundations of Deya, which will further be used for landscaping and other purposes. At first glance, the property looks like one of the fascinating towers from Dubai, but this skyscraper will be one of the prominent piece of architecture in the Indian real estate landscape.

The construction is scheduled to begin by mid March 2011 and will take approximately 30 months to complete.

Via: ConstructionWeek

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