Thursday, January 24, 2013


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Sirkka, a Vienna native, due to her love of coffee coming from her hometown, she opened a Vienna-themed café﹣ Café Loisl in Hong Kong. Upon entering the space, one is quickly enveloped with a sense of Vienna; from the black and white checkered floor, the carved decorations that adorn the tables and chairs, to the woodcut cake mold displays on the wall, even the store’s chandelier was purchased from a coffee shop in Vienna. Sirkka makes an effort to preserve the feel of her locality. The café serves traditional Viennese coffee and food. Among the specialties is the Franziskan Monks Coffee, which was made to meet the demands of drivers at the time of its origin. The coffee was created to best warm the body; therefore the amount of coffee and milk foam is kept in perfect balance, and it also prevents spillage while it is consumed on the road. Another must try at the café is the traditional Viennese apple strudel, the crispy thin pastry shell houses apple puree and cinnamon, providing a chewy and tasty sensation. Another unique draw housed within the café doors is the Hammer Gallery, which sells different unique object collected by Sirkka during her travels. Recently, the gallery was host to a “Metamorphosis” themed exhibition by Swedish designer Marta Mattson. The showcase featured colorful insect taxidermy made jewelry accessories, with the purpose to evoke curiosity and interest in the natural world in the tranquil atmosphere of the café.
G/F, Shop A, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 9179 0209

Text | Caridee Chung
Photo | Kimio Ng
Edit | iemi
Transaltion | Edwin Lo


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