Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Original Fake KAWS Woodstock & Acapulco Gold



Original Fake

Another reinterpretation on an iconic figure. For this collaboration, Kaws joined up once again with Peanuts to create Snoopy's bird companion, Woodstock which is done up by the artist with the iconic "X" eyes and cross bone accent on opposite sides of the head. Available in limited quantities...

Original Fake Woodstock Toy-4
Original Fake Woodstock Toy-6
Original Fake Woodstock Toy

Available here.

Acapulco Gold

A small delivery of Acapulco Gold beanies arrived just in time for the ongoing winter chills. Keep that dome covered!

Acapulco Gold Angry Lo Bear Beanie-5

Acapulco Gold Ski Slope Beanie-12

Acapulco Gold Ski Slope Beanie-8

Available here.


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