Monday, January 14, 2013


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If the content of Obscura can be seen as our worldview, then the THINK SILLY Store is a follow through of our vision and taste. The THINK SILLY Store has continued to import items that have thrilled us, collecting unique items from all over the world, to paint a portrait of our daily lifestyle and perspective. Now in addition to Undercover Store and THINK SILLY Store at Chai Wan, people are welcome to visit us online, at the very new SILLY THING Online Store. Our goal is to expand our selections to the world. The store is organized in a clean square grid format, for a comfortable view. Items are represented in a horizontal scrolling format for an optimal view on tablets, making it easy to look through items in the store. New brand promotion and details for items will be updated periodically, giving customers the most optimal shopping experience. Also, to push forward the SILLY THING style, all items sold on the online store are shipped in specially designed paper boxes. The box designs are based on antique wood patterns, and have the SILLY THING logo embossed on them. Along with the paper confetti and gift-wrap inside the box, ensures the product arrives in perfect condition. We’ve also thrown in a collection of five SILLY THING pins, which are based off different time periods in our history. We hope to share our growth with you all. To commemorate the opening of the online store, as well as giving readers added convenience, we have linked it up with the Obscura website. In addition to the usual selling location, this issue of Obscura will also be made available in the store, along with a handful of back issues, which can be purchased as well.

Text | Caridee Chung
Edit | iemi
Photo | Kimio Ng
Translation | Edwin Lo


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