Monday, April 8, 2013

Dr. Romanelli Speaks About His Latest Stussy Taipei Exclusive Collaboration

Extending its reach further into the Asian market with a latest Taipei store opening, Stussy continues to deliver directional streetwear garbs with the assistance of exciting collaborators. The latest cornerstone saw a number of in-store exclusives, in addition to joint ventures with CLOT and fashion customizer Dr. Romanelli of DRx. Known for his creative craftsmanship, Dr. Roamnelli’s work often blends vintage aesthetics with forward-thinking designs, producing conspicuous attire that’s available in limited batches. Having worked with an accolade of brands, this will be the first collaboration between the heritage Californian staple and the prolific customizer, one which will no doubt champion the loyal following of both imprints. While a glimpse of the designs have surfaced on different corners of the web, we spoke with the Doc himself to see if we could get any more tip-offs on the collection, in addition to hearing about his latest trip around Asia and what he’s got planned next.

Introduction, how the collaboration came about & what was the inspiration and materials used…

Can you introduce yourself and your background work/relationship with Stussy?

I’m DRx Romanelli , designer & marketer. Based in Los Angeles. I’m 36 years old and been a fan of Stussy since my earlier childhood. This is my first project with Stussy.

How did this collaboration with Stussy come about?

Edison (Chen of CLOT/JUICE)  approached me about doing a capsule collection for the new Taiwan shop . From there I met with David and Scott in LA and worked out the details around the collection.

We saw teasers on instagram of the upcoming collab, what materials were used for this and what was the inspiration behind it?

All the materials used for this collection are deadstock items sourced from Stussy’s archives.

Favorite piece from the collection, exclusivity & favorite part of Asia tour…

Of the pieces that you’ve done with this capsule collection, which one was your favorite and why?

Hard to pinpoint one favorite item in particular, I was really pleased with all the pieces in this collection.

We’ve noticed that you work with an exclusive clientele, how available will these pieces be to the public?

These pieces are excusive to the Stussy Taipei shop. Maybe we will do another collection for a different region in the future.

What has been your favorite part of your Asia tour these past few weeks?

Definitely the crew we were travelling with. They’re a really great group of people making a shitload of memories.

Asian streetwear/fashion culture, upcoming projects & inspirations for creative process…

What fascinates you most when it comes to Asian streetwear/fashion culture?

The quality of craftsmanship is great and their overall focus and attention to detail is really impressive.

What are some more upcoming projects we can expect from the doctor?

Spending a lot of time on The Pancake Epidemic these days, as well as Blank You Very Much a new website I recently launched. Coupe of Converse projects in the pipe as well as a few more DRx capsules in progress.

What are your inspirations when it comes to the creative process?

I do my best work when I’m passionate about the project at hand. My inspirations boil down to being inspired.

Any last words?

Good coffee is critical in the greater equation.

“I do my best work when I’m passionate about the project at hand. My inspirations boil down to being inspired.”

Dr Romanelli on inspirations for his creative process

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