Monday, April 29, 2013

Handpainted By @YeahLano “ARTrepreneur” Art Exhibition Recap

ARTrepreneur Art Gallery Recap

If you were in the New York City area this weekend, chances are you heard about Delano Brown‘s art exhibition that was held yesterday at the Smart Clothes Art Gallery on Stanton Street. The event featured featured all of his work from the beginning to his latest pieces that utilize sweatpants and hoodies from Balmain, Givenchy shirts, and sneakers from both Balenciaga and Louboutin. Music from various artists was played while Fabolous came to attend for a while and check out the live painting that Delano performed on a model.

The event extended until later in the afternoon and featured other pieces such as a full furniture set that was hand painted right down to the lamp and rug. Excellent pieces of his such as “Time” and “My Joan” are viewable in the several images that we have provided above, below, and on the next few pages. Take a new look at the always progressing Delano Brown and keep up to date on his latest work through his website ( and Instagram (@yeahlano).

ARTrepreneur Art Gallery Recap (2)


ARTrepreneur Art Gallery Recap (3)

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