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The Best of Twitter’s #KickTricks

The Best of Twitter's #KickTricks (6)

The Best of Twitter's #KickTricks (5)

The Best of Twitter's #KickTricks (4)

The Best of Twitter's #KickTricks (3)

The Best of Twitter's #KickTricks (1)

The Best of #KickTricks

Over the past few weeks we have been having a blast on Twitter with a number of dedicated segments and topics.  Amongst those was a couple of nights of #KickTricks part 2!

Is there a way to keep translucent soles icy and clear?

Wearing kicks with translucent soles in the rain speeds up the oxidation process, and with the weather finally clearing up, it’s time to clean up your kicks as well.  The easiest way is to use RetroBrite, but if you want to try it yourself, here’s the secret:

Mix equal parts of starch, peroxide & Oxy Clean.  Apply the mixture to the icy soles & expose to UV light with a standard UV bulb.

How do you make your own cleaning solution?U

Use equal parts of toothpaste and laundry detergent or dish soap.  This is a great way to clean smooth leather, white midsoles and yellow outsoles as well.

How do you make the tongue on Nike SBs stand taller?

Cut the straps.

Can you fix a shoe that is half a size too big or too small?

If your shoes are too big, insert a separate insole and wear thicker socks.

If the shoe is too small, you have a couple of options.  1.  Snatch the insoles out.  2. Use the Freezer Stretch method (see below).
How do you clean gum off of your shoe?

Go into your girl’s medicine cabinet and grab some nail polish remover.  Make sure it is the type that has acetone in it.  Pour a cap full over the gum and use a toothpick to scratch it off.

How do you clean or remove a scratch from patent leather?

To remove the scratch, take a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or nail polish (with acetone) and rub it along the scratch.  Repeat until the scratch is lessened or gone.

To clean the patent leather, avoid using the “spit on my finger and wipe” method.  Instead, use water and lotion to keep them shiny.

Is there a way to bring suede and nubuck back to life?

Chances are with enough wear and cleaning, your suede needs some love.  Meltonian Suede Renew or Jason Markk Cleaner is the easiest way to revive them.  Make sure that you use a GOOD suede brush, it is the most important piece of the puzzle.

TAKE YOUR TIME with suede. Pushing too hard with the brush can fray the leather. and then it’s lights out. Over scrubbing can do more damage than the original problem.

If you spot on your suede, mouthwash will almost ALWAYS get that out.

Can I unclog or clear up my Air bubbles?

Grab a hair dryer and turn it to Warm or Hot.  Hold the blow dryer roughly 4 inches from the bubble for 30 seconds.  Make sure to keep a good eye on it, you don’t want to melt the sole.

My kicks stink, what can I do?

You can drop a tea bag in each shoe over night, and it will absorb the smell.  You can also use Febreeze or dryer sheets.

How can I give love to my beaters?

Start off with a bottle of Jason Markk,  – the KicksonFire team swears by this stuff.  If you are more of the DIY type, try the cleaning solution posted above.  You can also use painters tape to act as a lint brush on your kicks.

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